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Amazing prices !!

Take music lessons for just a little money. Multiple themes are at your disposal:
– Learn how to play a song: Watch videos and practice difficult parts, with slowed down versions to help you practice, and get both original and simplified scores as well as a condensed version whenever possible.
– Work on a specific issue: A music style, a gesture, a technique detailed and explained in the simpliest way.

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You can access your lessons 24/7, download MP3 backing tracks, PDF lessons, streaming videos and more.

Educational tools at your disposal.

With these music classes, our aim is to make you want to learn and be independent. We provide you with all the tools you need to improve, videos to correct your gesture, backing tracks for practice purposes and audio files so that you can listen to the exercise.

Interact with teachers.

You can directly ask questions to our teacher, they will answer you as soon as possible.



In these articles, we will try to address the unexperimented musicians’ needs. When a student learns to play a new instrument, she/he can face multiple issues that prevent him/her from going forward. This website will provide all the solutions and if you still have questions, you contact and ask us directly. We will answer as objectively as possible.

Ideas: tips and advice to improve your playing skills and understand your instrument.
Drums, guitar, keyboard, bass guitar: everything about a specific instrument.
Pedagogy: information for a faster learning curve.
Content: instrument and accessory reviews, everything about your learning process.




Organized by artist with level indication.

You’ll access all the scores adapted to your level and will also find detailed explanation of the main difficulties for easier learning process.

Based on the album or live versions of the songs

In order to apprehend the drummer’s playing technique, scores are based on the original album versions, or live versions if the latter are more famous. These scores are direct applications of the lessons.

On-demand scores.
Do you need a score? Do you want to understand how to play your favorite song? We can write the score for you. More info about this service…



Do you need a score? You love a song and you would like to understand how to play it on drums?

=> Ask a score on demand by clicking on ADD TO QUOTE.
==> Connect or register.
===> Fill the field : Artist – Song – do you have MP3?
====> If you have the song in MP3 format, send it to me.
=====> Après écoute, je vous donne un délais et le prix pour faire la partition.
======> Si cela vous convient, cliquez sur “Acceptez”. Vous serez dirigé vers le site pour payer.
=======> Vous recevrez la partition par mail au format PDF dans le délais évoqué dans le devis.

Up to 5-minute song: 8€
5 to 10-minute song: 12€
over 10-minute song: 16€
The MP3 file of the song must be provided, otherwise you’ll need to purchase it at the iTunes Stores for 1,29€

Depending on availability, you’ll be able to watch the cover video on the website.

F.A.Q :

Why is it so affordable?
All scores that I write (except for personal compositions) will be added to the WEB MUSIC SCHOOL catalog so that other users can access them.

Why should I pay for a score when other users will have it for free or a lower price?
You purchase this score because you need it. You may find on the website a score that you like, that was requested by another user.

Why pay for a score when there are plenty of free ones on the internet?
You’ll certainly find this score for free on other websites but are you sure it will be accurate? Will there be a support service available if you find errors or writing issues in your score? Will you be able to watch a drum cover on which I play what I wrote so you can understand the score?

Request a score

What users say

I requested your transcription service because I wanted to learn (a) song(s) I particularly like but that are not “standards” for which scores already exist.
Thus, I could practice and progress with a song I chose,
which was difficult for me without the transcription because I did not necessarily understand what was played.
Thanks again for this service, I will problably contact you again shortly.

I’m satisfied with the on-demand scores and cover videos. It gives one the ability to see some difficult parts of the score, it is specially helpful for beginners.
If find this perfect because it allows for playing songs that one likes and I will evidently request your services again in the future.
I think this system is great because it’s difficult to find scores for the songs one wants to play on drums.

In brief, I find the “on-demand score” service really great!
First, the score I requested is perfect, and I was in a rush and couldn’t find anything on the internet. Sébastien made it just fine and in no time! ! Like overnight! With a PDF and, icing on the cake, with a smile… 😉
Nothing to say, great work! I would not hesitate to request another score whenever needed. Also, it benefits others so go for it!!!!



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