In January 2015, at the Namm Show in Los Angeles, I discovered the Drumlite products used to illuminate the drum kits. The system is suitable for all drums and is very easy to install.
You can place it on a conventional wood drums, it will brighten the skin, but it is on acrylic drum kit that Drumlite is the best.
If you have a standard drums or fusion drums, you can buy the bundle on Amazon. If you have particular drum sizes, you might have to contact them to have custom-made.
I gave them the exact sizes of my drums (diameter/depth) and 3-4 weeks later I received a nice package including all my kit.

Here are a few steps to install the kit on my drums.
1) Remove the skins on all the drum you want to equip.
2) Pass the power cable of the LED strip.
3) Connect the cable to the tape inside the drum.
4) To paste the LED strip, I tried several techniques. The one I found most effective is to follow the top of the drum.
5) Remove the the protective tape of the paste system. Adhesive is very powerful and it is best not to paste and then take off to prevent damage.
6) Once paste on one of the edges, turn it and do the same on the other side. The strips are immediately to the right size, no need to cut.
7) After you are sure that the bands are paste, put the skins.
8) On one of the screws of the resonance skin it will fix the XLR. Preferably, put there to you and not to the public, the esthetic will be more successful. Once you have got used to a drum, it takes 15 minutes per item for removal / installation / mounting.
9) Once all your toms, snare and bass drum are fitted, before mounting the drums, first make a connection test.
10) If everything works, install the drums and have fun … 😉

Drumlite Youtube Channel


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