Here are the lyrics of the song Johnny’s Band by Deep Purple. The song Johnny’s Band is from the studio album Infinite released on 7 April 2017. On the website, you can also find the drum sheet – Deep Purple – Johnny’s Band, bass tab – Deep Purple – Johnny’s Band, drum sheet – Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water, drum lesson – Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water, bass tab – Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water, drum sheet – Deep Purple – Black Night, and drum sheet – Deep Purple – Seventh Heaven.

Johnny Jones woke up one day from dreaming
Told Bill the bass and soon they had a plan
He passed it on to Pete and Crazy Benny
Ah, suddenly they had a band

Hey Johnny’s Band
He sure knew how to work up a crowd
The sound that they made put the rest in the shade
And the word soon got around

They played every dance hall in the city
Wrote themselves a cool forty-five
With a bullet it shot to the top of the pops
Oh man it was good to be alive

Hail Johnny’s Band
Hear them on the radio
Smash after smash now they’re rolling in the cash
Whatever they touch turns to gold

Benny went down with the hard stuff
And Pete joined a cult in LA
Johnny and Bill started going downhill
And the crowds began melting away

But hey, it’s Johnny’s Band
Playing Saturday nights at The Crown
The beards may be long and the money’s long gone
It’s a wonder that they’re still around

But hey, it’s Johnny’s Band
Playing all those wonderful songs
Making the rounds with that old fashioned sound
And here we are singing along

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