The lyrics of Weight Of Love by The Black Keys are below. The fifth single Weight Of Love of the band’s eighth studio album, Turn Blue, was also released as its opening track. On the Web Music School website, you can also find the Drum sheet – The Black Keys – Weight Of Love, Drum sheet – The Black Keys – Lonely Boy, Drum sheet – The Black Keys – 10 AM Automatic, Drum sheet – The Black Keys – Leavin’ Trunk, and Drum lesson – The Black Keys – Leavin’ Trunk.

I used to think, darlin’, you never did nothin’
But you were always up to somethin’
Always had a run in, yeah
I got to think those days are comin’ to get ya
Now no body want to protect yah
They only want to forget yah

[Chorus:] You’ll be on my mind
Don’t give yourself away
To the weight of love
You’ll be on your side
Don’t give yourself away
The weight of, weight of love

Dance all night cause people, they don’t wanna be lonely
Never wanna be lonely
They don’t wanna be an only – one
You had a thing no one could ever be sure of
Never ever had a pure love
And never no cure from


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