You are a few on the website and on Youtube asking me about the instruments I use in my cover video.
It happens to me to change sometimes but here is the kit I normally use.

My drums is a DW Finish Ply Broken Glass
5″x8″ – 5″x10″ – 6″x12″ – 12″x14″ – 13″x16″ – 18″x22″

Cymbals are Zildjian, from left to right:
Hihat 14″ A Custom
Crash 14″ A Custom
Crash 17″ A Custom
Splash 6″ A Custom
Splash 8″ A Custom
Dark Crash Thin 17″ K Custom
Ride 20″ K Custom Hybrid or Ride 20″ K Custom
Dark Crash 15″ K Custom or China Trash 16″ Oriental

i use a PDP rack, a Yamaha snare drum stand. I recently change my hihat stand, I used a Yamaha hihat stand but since October 2018 a DW 9000 stand. I used a DW 5000 bass drum pedal and now a DW 9000 XT.

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