On Demand Score

You need a score? You like a song and you want to play the drums and better understand what is happening?
I can write the score for you ! How shall we do it?

How to do

=> Ask a custom drum score by clicking on ADD TO QUOTE.
==> Connect or Sign up.
===> Fill the form : Artist – Song – Mp3? – Cover?
====> If you have the mp3, upload it.
=====> After listening, I give you a time to do it and the price.
======> It's ok for you? Accept the quote and pay.
=======> You will receive the score by email in PDF format.

The transcription price start at 10€.
The price depends of the longer, difficulty and quality of the recording.

The MP3 file of the song must be provided, otherwise you’ll need to purchase it at the iTunes Stores for 1,29€

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7 reviews for On Demand Score

  1. (verified owner):

    I orderer a Video on Demand and a Drum Sheet and I couldnt be happier.
    You are an incredible drummer, I love to see your videos.
    Would definitely recommend it and I will order again!

  2. (verified owner):

    Sebastien did already so many drum score transcriptions of songs which I like so much…..the transcriptions are always 100% accurate and good to read…..I like the software he uses for the scores.
    Also what I really like about Sebastien is that after I paid for the transcription it is done mostly very fast. Also he transcribes songs of many not so very popular musicians, which is great…..he did many REMEDY DRIVE transcriptions for me and even a Thai Rock Band named BLACKHEAD, which is very popular in Thailand……but nearly nobody knows them outside of Thailand…..thank you soooo much dear Sebastien for doing also the “unpopular” Song transcriptions.
    Best regards Joerg

  3. (verified owner):

    Sebastian did an excellent job on a this Genesis cover. Very accurate and easy to read!

  4. (verified owner):

    Today I got another drum score on demand by Sebastien and it was great and accurate as always. I ordered already many scores on demand and I still order more. very good service as always. Thanks to Sebastien


    (verified owner):

    I been using on demand score in severals occation and in my opinion It´s something that is difficult to find a profesional drummer make what you need on time.Thanks to Sebastian Poitevin.


    (verified owner):

    I have ordered the drum score of LAVENDER by MARILLION and it is just great. I have ordered more drum scores already. I am very happy with the service of web music school. Thanks


    (verified owner):

    Sebastian did a good job scoring my request for a Tame Impala cover. And he delivered at a time that was promised. Overall, good!

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