Johnny Hallyday – Allumer Le Feu

Artist : Johnny Hallyday
Song : Allumer Le Feu
Album : Ce Que Je Sais - 1998
Info : Rock - 140bpm - 4/4
Musician : Christophe Deschamps
Exercises : 43
Version : Album
Level : Intermediate

Learn to play Johnny Hallyday – Allumer Le Feu on drums
LEVEL : Intermediate
43 Exercises
43 Videos
Drum sheet
Easy drum sheet
4 slowdown versions
1 drum cover
1 drum cover easy
13 audio loops, 4 speeds

Here's what I'll offer in this class:
– The videos with all the difficult bars in the song. Exercises are played at 3 different speeds: 60 bpm, 100 bpm and 140 bpm which is the original tempo. Each bar starts with a metronome click and remains present throughout the exercise to help you understand where the rhythmic figures are located.
– The drum class with the difficulties explained. A representation of the bar that should be practiced. Sometimes there are exercises to work a difficult measure. The measure explained in the course are taken from the original sheet and are in chronological order.
In this lessons there are 43 exercises. I recommend you work slowly each bar with a metronome.
– The loops, 13 loops of the main parts of the song. 4 speeds.
– Slowed-down version , according to your level, even beginners can play the song. The original song is at 140 bpm, I created 4 slowed-down versions.
– The original sheet to play the song just like on the original.
– The simplified sheet for the beginners. With a slowed-down version of the song, you can play from the very first class.
– The drum cover video, you can see me play with multiple angles of view. This video will help you understand how the different exercises are included in the song.
– The drum cover video EASY, I played the easy version of the song. I record my drum cover on the original songs so sometimes you can ear both drums.

Don't forget that everything you'll learn in this song (beats, rhythmic figures, musical symbols, note values) will also apply to other songs. Memorize these exercises, rhythmic figures to learn vocabulary that will help you throughout your apprenticeship.